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    New cards and pack sale


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    New cards and pack sale

    Post  Alexandra on Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:15 pm

    I'm sorry I didn't post this sooner (about the cards): There are two new prepaid cards; Pagoda Gauntlet and Majestic bundle. The Pagoda has its very own dungeon which I have been to a couple of times and it gives very good rewards! Mooshu pets (brown spider, goat monk, and ninja pig) are definatly dropped thre. Rumors are the last bosses may drop a jade oni and a foo dog pet. They do drop mega snacks too pet trainers! The card also comes with a Hankyu bow, Sohei gear, run run rickshaw mount, and a shaolin monkey pet. Also of curse has one month subscription or 5000 crowns. Smile Can bepurchased at Target or Walmart for $39.
    The Majestic bundle comes with a Tower of the Winter winds. A very pretty house themed on Avalon. There are many rooms and areas to explore inthe house! The card also comes with a silver lance of daybreak,true silver armor, a strange beast pet, 2 person Arthurian dragon mount, Caliburn tapestry, additional castle slot exiliar, and one month subscription or 5000 crowns. Can be purchased at Gamestop for $39.

    2 day pack sale! The Kirin Hoard, Raven's Hoard, Ninja Lore, Draon's Hoard, and Emperor's attic areon sale for 50% off!
    Please note that other packs not listed that are in th crown shop are not on sale. The only one not listd that is on sale is the Wyvern Hoard.

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