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    Pets dropped in WC


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    Pets dropped in WC

    Post  Alexandra on Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:02 am

    Pets in Wizard City are not Ultra Rare drops

    Blue banshee:Found in Triton Avenue in the Haunted Cave. Dropped by Lord Nightshade
    Blue Ghost:Found in Cyclopes Lane. Dropped by General Akilles
    Blue Cat Thug: Found in Sunken City. Dropped by Grubb
    Dark sprite:Can be found in Fire cat alley, dropped by Bastilla Gravewynd.
    Greater Imp: Found in Sunken City. Dropped by Grubb
    Midnight Sprite:In Triton Avenue in Haunted Cave by Lord Nightshade
    Myth Sprite: Found in Unicorn Way. Dropped by Rattlebones
    Snow Serpent: Found in Collosus Blvd. Dropped by King Gobblestone
    Sprite: Found in Firecat alley, fire globe theater. Dropped by Prince Alicane Swiftarrow.
    Unicorn (one I just found out): Found in Triton Avenue. Dropped by the Harvest Lord.

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